Enclosures / Housings


Overall Design ConsiderationsNOTE:Materials and fasteners to consider when designing xFOCE enclosures and housings.?

Mechanical Design Tradeoffs


Experimental Chamber DesignNOTE:MBARI design is for a 0.5 meter x 0.5 meter x 2 meter xFOCE chamber, deployed in an energetic environment and operational water depth of 15 meters.?

Experimental Chamber Assembly (swFOCE)

Enclosure and Ducting (swFOCE)


PVC Electronic Housings and End CapsNOTE:This design provides an inexpensive, large housing built with hand tools and off-the-shelf components. Heat dissipation rods are installed in end caps.?

Large Diameter PVC Electronics Housings

Van Stone PVC Blind End Cap Penetrations